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Free Religious Articles are a collection of religious articles, sermons, sermonettes, short messages, mini-sermons, how to write a sermon outline and how to write a sermon. Of course, there are many other religious topic also. See below!

Recent Religious Articles

Basic Bible Interpretation:- Basic Bible Interpretation looks at the four major terms in the interpretive process in order to ascertain the meaning of the text of Scripture under investigation.

Believer's Baptism For Children:- Believer's Baptism For Children looks at preparing young believers for water baptism.

Biblical Preaching:- Biblical Preaching by Haddon W. Robinson is a book that explains the requirements for expository preaching. He points out the ten requirements for sermon preparation.

Christ-Centered Preaching Book Review: Christ Centered Preaching by Bryan Chapell is a book on the science and art of expository preaching. This book review will summarise chapter one.

Christ-Centered Preaching:- Christ-Centered Preaching by Bryan Chapell is a book that takes you through the process of developing an expository sermon that is Scripturally based and relevant to the audience.

Free Fathers Day Sermon:- Free Fathers Day Sermons provide some inspirational thoughts in order to prepare a sermon for Father's Day.

Free Funeral Sermons For Non-Christians:- Free Funeral Sermons For Non-Christians details several funeral resources to help pastors in their preparation for funeral services and funeral sermons.

Free Mothers Day Sermon:- Free Mothers Day Sermon provides a full mother's day sermon manuscript on the Biblical topic of appreciating our mothers.

Free Sample Sermon Outlines:- Free sample sermon outlines provides free sermon outlines to help you prepare your preaching sermons.

Free Short Bible Sermons For Youth:- Free short bible sermons for youth provides sermons for youth and young people.

Free Topical Sermons: Free Topical Sermons is a brief overview of what is a topical sermon and how to write a topical sermon.

Hermeneutics:- The study of hermeneutics is importance for consistency in formulating biblical theology. In fact, a correct understanding of hermeneutics will help the people of God to establish a proper understanding of the doctrines of the Bible.

How To Study The Bible For Yourself:- How To Study The Bible For Yourself explains the processes in personal Bible study. When you grasp these processes, you will find personal Bible study more stimulating and interesting.

How To Preach Without Notes:- How To Preach Without Notes explains the process behind preaching without notes. How to preach without notes does not negate preparation. In fact, preparation is the key to preaching without notes.

How To Preach Without Notes by Charles W. Koller: How To Preach Without Notes by Charles W Koller is a book about expository preaching that leads to freedom for the preacher in the pulpit.

How To Prepare Bible Messages by James Braga: How to Prepare Bible Messages by James Braga is a book on homiletics in which James Braga discusses the three principal types of sermons and the mechanics of sermon preparation.

How To Reach Your Full Potential For God:- How To Reach Your Full Potential For God is a book written by Dr. Charles F. Stanley that will inspired you to catch a glimpse of how God is working in your life so that you can reach your full potential for God.

How To Write A Eulogy:- How To Write A Eulogy presents five (5) simple tips for writing and delivering a touching and meaningful eulogy.

How To Write A Funeral Eulogy Speech:- How to write a funeral eulogy speech will help you outline what is involved in presenting a funeral eulogy speech.

How To Write A Sermon With Ease:- How to Write a Sermon With Ease looks at the science and art of writing sermons.

How To Write Funeral Prayers:- How to write funeral prayers will help you put togethers varies prayers for a funeral service.

Topical Sermon Outline:- Topical Sermon Outline shows you step by step how to write a topical sermon outline.

What is Hermeneutics?:- What is hermeneutics defines the terminology of hermeneutics in order to understand how the four key terms of hermeneutics fit into the interpretive process.

What is Spiritual Warfare?:- What is Spiritual Warfare? Spiritual warfare is the battle that every person faces when he or she becomes a Christian.

Writing A Deductive Sermon Outline :- Writing a deductive sermon outline is made easier if you understand the structure of a deductive sermon outline.

Writing A Sermon:- Writing a sermon is not an easy task. Writing a sermon requires an understanding of the structure of a sermon.

Writing A Sermon Outline:- Writing a sermon outline is your road map for writing your sermon. Moreover, writing a sermon outline will help your people follow your sermons.

Writing A Sermon Outline 101:- Writing a sermon outline 101 helps you put your sermon outline together so that it works.

Writing A Topical Sermon:- Writing a topcial sermon is made easier if you understand the structure of a topical sermon.

Writing An Expository Sermon:- Writing an expository sermon requires a thorough investigation of a text or texts of Scripture.

Writing An Inductive Sermon Outline:- Writing an inductive sermon outline requires a good understanding of the structure of an inductive sermon outline.

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